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Private Training

Does Your Dog Need Training? Don't wait! Create a real, lasting relationship with your dog today! Our Professional Basic Obedience Package is the most comprehensive on the market. We use gentle and reward-based, scientifically proven methods to achieve optimum results. This package includes everything a great pet needs to live a long, balanced, and healthy life. The included On-Leash behaviors are: Sit, Down, Stay, Loose Leash Walking, Coming when Called, Take it, Leave it, Drop it, and Sitting for Greetings. In this package expect to have a Pro come to YOU, and teach YOU how to achieve Pro training results "concierge style" in the comfort of your own home! If you are ready for a life-changing, relationship-building transformation in your household, call today for scheduling and ensure that your best friend benefits from our proprietary system!


Bonus: We also include Troubleshooting for common household misbehaviors such as Jumping, Barking, Pulling, Counter Surfing and More!

What are your training goals?

Tell us how we can help you live more abundantly with your dog! 

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