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We work with dogs of every breed, shape, size, and age on behaviors to include: ​

  • Ignoring Commands 

  • Excessive Barking 

  • All Levels of Obedience  

  • Leash Pulling 

  • Leash Reactivity 

  • Dog on Dog Aggression 

  • Human Aggression 

  • Jumping

  • High Levels of Arousal/Excitement 

  • Severe Fear Reactivity 

  • Counter Surfing 

  • Socialization  

  • Mouthing 

  • Kennel Training 

  • Confidence Building 

  • Environmental Fear 

  • Groom Aggression 

  • Off Leash Training 

  • E-Collar Training 

  • Human Leadership & Education 

  • Psychological Rehabilitation

  • & More


Creating healthy relationships that enable abundant living between dogs and their people.


KPro K9 uses methods scientifically proven to be the most gentle and least restrictive to preserve each dog's unique personality. With our reward-based approach to training we leverage incentives while building strong relationships and setting healthy boundaries with clients and their dog through trust and communication.  

10% Hero's Discount for all Military, First Responder, and Medical Personnel.

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What People Say About Us


Our little Jupi was NEVER easy with other dogs and got worse when we moved. We tried many things but between the move, school, work, and my fear of a certain breed of dog on top of not knowing what he will do had our family looking for answers and help. Enter the Cassie! In 2 weeks we have seen a huge change!...THANK you CASSIE and thank you to the owner for placing the match togeather ! Super excited to continue to grow with our JUPI and use the Tools from Cassie!

Nikki T


We are beyond grateful for our Trainer Guy Smith who learned of Remmy’s dire situation and intervened providing a safe place for her. Guy’s professional expertise combined with pure gentleness helped Remmy move from a complete state of franticness to calmness while she was in his care during her two weeks of Boot Camp....We will be forever grateful for the difference they are making in our pawkids lives. No doubt our Pack will be calmer and happier because of Guy

John and Sarah


Nate has been phenomenal with our German Shepherd. We are almost done with the behavior modification training program, and she has done a complete 180 from the time she started. Nate has been extremely patient, understanding, and knowledgeable. His love for dogs and for dog training is obvious from the beginning, and he’s truly dedicated to setting you and your dog up for success for the rest of your dog’s life. KPRO K9 will without a doubt be our go-to training company for future training needs, and we would definitely recommend them to anyone!

Madyison W.

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