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  • Why choose KPro K9?
    Here at KPro K9 we are committed to strengthening the bond between owners and their dogs. This means we don't just want to train your dog, we want to help you build a lifelong relationship with your companion! Like our tagline states - "From Pups to Pros" we here are KPro K9 not only excel at helping your pup reach pro level discipline and training, but we also work with dogs of any age or experience level - from pup to pro! So, whether you have a new addition to the family, or want to take your professional dog to compete in next level events, KPro K9 is here for you.
  • Do I get to choose the package I want for my dog?
    Short answer, NO. Not all behavior modification needs extensive training. Our certified staff will evaluate your dog and help guide you towards the service package that best fits your dogs needs.
  • Will this training hurt my dog?
    Not at all. Our proprietary gentle and reward-based training method creates the least restrictive environment possible. Our method balances reward and gentle consequence to its best advantage to achieve optimal results you can trust. We create dogs that are excited to work for you, rather than scared not to.
  • Are KPro K9 trainers certified?
    Yes. At KPro K9 we ensure that all of our trainers are certified in-house to the highest industry standard for pet dog trainers. In fact, our owner/lead trainer, Evan Stewart, CPDT-KA, has even facilitated training for groomers, shelter staff, veterinary staff, animal control officers, and other industry professionals. Rest assured, your dog is in safe, certified hands with KPro K9.
  • Is KPro K9 insured?
    Yes. We are fully insured for all our offered services through KennelPro. KennelPro is powered by Mourer-Foster, Inc. and is a full-service specialty insurance company in business since 1933.
  • Is my dog too young to train?
    Research shows that training is most effective when a puppy has had time to mature as well as time to bond with their new family. This consideration takes care of itself in private in-home training, but makes timing crucial if you are considering our board and train packages. Listed below is the earliest age for a pup to start each of these packages: Push-Button-Puppy - 12 weeks 2 Week Boot Camp - 16 weeks Elite Complete - 16 weeks Pro Intermediate Obedience - 20 weeks Pro Advanced Obedience - 24 weeks
  • Is my dog too old to train?
    Old dogs can learn new tricks! With the help of professional trainers from KPro K9 dogs of any age can break bad habits and learn new routines.
  • Where does my dog stay during Board & Train services?
    Unlike some of our competitors, KPro K9 believes that your dog should be more than a numbered kennel. We believe the best results in Board & Train packages can only be achieved in a domestic environment which is why your dog goes home with their trainer for 24hr love and care!
  • Will I get updates while my dog is away during Board and Train packages?
    Yes. KPro K9 trainers are expert communicators and pride themselves on keeping you in the loop. Expect to receive regular video and picture updates typically every 4 days during your dogs training.
  • Do you use choke chains in your training program?
    Absolutely NOT. Make no mistake, CHOKE CHAINS HURT DOGS. We refuse to hurt dogs to "make" them perform. These devices are archaic and anyone that tells you different is either out of touch or trying to lessen the truth of the matter. Imagine every time you made a mistake someone limited your ability to breathe and cut the blood supply off to your brain. Trainers should not be comfortable hurting dogs, and our clients shouldn't be either. At KPro K9, we use gentle Starmark Pro-Training Collars that communicate by leveraging the genetic language your furry friend was born with. Find out more about Starmark Collars further in our FAQ.
  • What is a Starmark Collar?
    A world leader in pet education for over two decades, Starmark Academy developed this top-notch, award-winning training and behavior tool by experts, performance-tested by thousands of dogs at the Starmark Animal Behavior Center. The pronged, linked design is gentle but effective in creating balanced leadership, and has the appearance of a flat collar. ​Dogs primarily communicate with each other through touch and varying degrees of pressure on the neck. From the very beginning, dogs learn canine manners and pack etiquette from mama dog gently cradling, to firmly biting the necks of her young.  This is not meant to cause injury, it's a canine conversation that effectively conveys a wide range of information to the puppy.  For dogs, Nature only chose the neck. It's what they innately understand. As such, we use Starmark Pro-Training collars because tools that emulate natural canine communication are the very best for connecting, communicating, and creating harmonious relationships with dogs.  Just like mama dog, we use the least amount of pressure to convey our expectations. This translates to a stress-free experience for dogs and their owners, because when used properly, Starmark collars have been proven to be the least physically taxing, most humane, and one of the safest tools available.  Most tools tend to mask or manage unwanted behavior, but the prong collar allows us to effortlessly communicate, creating a vastly different state of mind and a highly responsive dog.
  • Do you use E-Collars to train dogs?
    We use E-Collars when appropriate for the same reasons we use Starmark Pro-Training collars. When used motivationally instead of punitively, Electronic Collars are the most effective, most reliable, most humane, and transformational training tool available today. They empower owners to have a completely off-leash trained dog with remote communication up to 1/2 a mile away. This means more opportunities to include your dog in your life and more freedom for you and your dog. When the electronic collar is introduced properly it becomes an amazing communication and educational tool between you and your dog.  The idea we have to dispel is that we are "shocking" or "zapping" the dog. It’s NOT like a static shock from a doorknob or touching an electric cattle fence. The e-collars we utilize use a medical-grade stimulation exactly like a TENS unit that is used on human beings worldwide for physical therapy.  Most people can’t even feel the stimulation levels we use to effectively communicate with dogs.  We also need to understand that the stimulation from the collar does not magically do anything itself. We still need to teach our dog what the tickle means, how we want our dog to respond to it, and reward our dog for making correct choices. The result is a level of connectivity and communication that utterly transforms the relationships of people and dogs to live together abundantly. ​Our proprietary system empowers you to include your dog in your life with ease and fun through the proper use of the very best tools available today!
  • Is there a guarantee I will get the results I want?
    We've never met a dog we could not improve. However, dog training is a team effort.  It is about improving the relationship between an owner and their dog. No matter how severe the issues may be, dedicated and diligent owners consistently see amazing breakthroughs and transformations with KPro K9's proprietary training system.  Once you hire KPro K9 you are considered part of our family. Your success is our top priority, but your dog can't achieve full potential without you, and there will be homework! Even though we can help any dog regardless of size, breed, age, or issue, we need owners to be 100% committed and consistent to make it work.  As such, it would be unethical for us to offer a 100% guarantee due to the many variables involved to create a well-behaved and balanced dog. That said, we stay with you until the job is done! After all, your dog is our best business card!

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