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Professional Certified Trainers
in the comfort of your own home.
Professional Basic Obedience

Professional Basic Obedience


Begin your training journey!

KPro K9's Professional Basic Obedience Package, is a comprehensive and results-driven program. We employ gentle, scientifically proven, reward-based methods for optimal results.

This package offers the blueprint to a balanced and healthy lifestyle, providing your furry companion with everything they need to thrive.

Our carefully designed curriculum covers essential On-Leash behaviors, including:

Sit - Down - Stay Loose Leash Walking - Coming when Called - Sitting for Greetings - Take it - Leave it - Drop it

Experience the unparalleled convenience of our 'concierge-style' service, as a Pro comes to YOU, instructing YOU on how to achieve Pro training results right from the comfort of your own home.

If you're ready to witness a remarkable transformation in your relationship with your pet, don't hesitate. Call us today to book a package and ensure your best friend benefits from our unique, effective system!

As a bonus, we also offer Troubleshooting for common household misbehaviors like Jumping, Barking, Pulling, Counter Surfing, and more! Your dream of a well-mannered, obedient pet is just a call away.

Also available in a Group Class in select locations. See our "Group Classes" page for more details.

Don't wait, dial now to kickstart this life-changing journey with your four-legged friend!

Also Available in Board & Train
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Professional Intermediate Obedience

Professional Intermediate Obedience


Elevate your dog's learning!

The Professional Intermediate Obedience Package is crafted for discerning pet owners ready to scale new heights.

Loved the transformation brought by our Professional Basic Obedience Package? It's just the beginning. Our Intermediate Package brings advanced skills to the forefront, including:

Right Turn - Left Turn - Say Hello - Go to Place - Return to Heel - Heeling - 60/60 Stay

Plus, we solidify the Basics with Proofing Solutions, intensifying the 3D's -

Distance, Distraction, and Duration.

A sitting dog is great, but we aim for visible proof of obedience under varying conditions. Our pros commit to a job well done, building years of understanding and trust between you and your loyal friend.

Ready for next level training that lets your dog truly shine? Contact us today to book!

*Professional Basic Obedience Package must be completed to enroll.

Also Available in Board & Train
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Professional Advanced Obedience

Professional Advanced Obedience


Experience OFF-LEASH Freedom!

Tailored for the adventurous and city folks alike, our Professional Advanced Training Package offers unsurpassed off-leash reliability, turning your training goals into reality!

Our elite course takes the 3D's -

Distance, Distraction, and Duration

- to the highest tier. We harness the power of environmental stimulus, providing training opportunities both indoors and outdoors in your community.

Experience seamless communication with your canine, regardless of the environment!

Elevate your dog's obedience to the highest level seen only in the world's top-performing dogs with this package - the crowning achievement of our proprietary obedience training system.

Invite your dog to join your every adventure! Call us now for off-leash freedom and reliable obedience that opens up the world for you and your best friend.

*Professional Intermediate Obedience Package must be completed to enroll.

Also Available in Board & Train
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Elite Complete Package

Elite Complete Package


The ultimate solution for comprehensive obedience training!

Package deal!
- All 3 levels of training combined -
A $3297 Value!

Combining all 3 levels of our Professional Obedience programs, this complete level of superior training lays the groundwork for all service dog certifications via KPro K9.

This yields dogs with unmatched adaptability and confidence in any situation.

Several of our program graduates have earned recognitions like AKC Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog International, AKC Rally, and Obedience Competitions.

The Elite Complete Package is perfect for pet owners who understand the value of a well-trained canine companion as this program promises an enriched life journey with your four-legged friend.

If you're ready to maximize your furry companion's capabilities, Call today!

Also Available in Board & Train
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Professional Behavior Modification

Professional Behavior Modification


Modification/Rehabilitation to get your dog back on track!

Experience a transformation with our Professional Behavior Modification/Rehabilitation Package.

This package is specifically crafted for dogs that have missed out on early obedience training or have picked up undesirable behaviors.

If you have that unique, independent, or playful pet who just isn't fitting perfectly into your home routine, our seasoned trainers will bring the latest techniques to tackle even the most advanced challenges, and get those behaviors under control.

If you believe your furry friend could benefit from rehabilitation, don't hesitate! Save yourself the unnecessary stress of dealing with unmanageable or annoying behaviors. Call today!

*Professional Behavior Modification requires an initial In-Home Evaluation.

Book an In-Home Evaluation to get started
Professional Aggression Rehabilitation

Professional Aggression Rehabilitation


Distressing or Harmful Behavior Modification

Is your dog exhibiting distressing or potentially harmful behaviors? Has your dog displayed aggression towards others or their pets? Do you find yourself secluding your dog when you have company over? Are you fearful of your dog's actions during walks?

If these situations resonate, our Professional Aggression Rehabilitation package is for you.

Guided by the extensive experience of our Master Trainer Evan Stewart, our trainers have rehabilitated countless dogs. Evan's proven methods have empowered owners, trainers, shelter and veterinary staff, and other industry professionals to effectively tackle and manage even the most dangerous behaviors!

With KPro K9's expertise on yours side, we can assist you too!

Dodge the financial and emotional toll of owning an aggressive dog.

*Professional Behavior Modification requires an initial In-Home Evaluation.

Book an In-Home Evaluation to get started


Professional Certified Trainers in the comfort
of your own home.

Private Training Packages

Designed for those who want the experience of working alongside a KPro K9 Professional Certified Trainer in the comfort of their own home.

Private Training Packages require a consultation prior to purchase, but browse our packages and methods below.

  • For specific behavior modification schedule an In-Home Evaluation.

    Read More

    1 hr

    69 US dollars

Is your dog exhibiting unwanted behaviors?

Let one of our certified professional trainers come and observe your dog to determine what programs of options would best modify unwanted or disruptive behaviors.

Call now for a free consultation:


New puppy or dog?

Get started today by signing up for one of our
basic obedience community based group classes.
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